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"Overall I think you have a great eye for product design. Color, print, and patterns are
always on point with the brand and work is always done in a timely manner.
has always been a pleasure working with you."
Chris D., Sassy Toys

"We hired Louise, as a freelancer, to help us create dollhouse graphics and accessories under extremely tight deadlines. This was a major undertaking as it required lots of detailed artwork and she took it all in stride; she worked around the clock and completed the project with fantastic results. I highly recommend Louise as a talented designer and true professional, who is willing to go beyond what the project entails, revise artwork without hesitation (even at the eleventh hour) and deliver it all with a smile!"
Jessica Wu, Toys R Us

"Louise's designs are fresh and innovative. Her conceptual boards are well planned schematics making communication between the marketing team, artist, model maker and engineer efficient, cost effective, and seamless. She is very professional."
Susan Sofia-McIntire, Owner, Susan Sofia Development

"Louise is a pleasure to work with. Her work is extremely creative and always delivered super fast. She works well with everyone, and is open to all ideas and feedback. Highly recommend!!"
Aviva Weiss, Fun and Function


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