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"I have worked with Louise in several ways over the years. She has proven to be one of our star inventors at Dibzy. Her concepts are on trend, beautifully illustrated, and well thought out. Her plush toy designs are adorable. Her presentations are professional, polished, and her video pitches are always professionally done. I have also collaborated with Louise on design projects. She brings great talent to the table, is a strong team player, and is truly a joy to work with. Louise has proven to be one of the fastest designers I’ve ever worked with; she has demonstrated an ability to make important changes against severe time constraints and shows great flexibility. She gets the work done and has proven to be a reliable resource."

Jenny Faw, Chief Product Development Officer at Dibzy - 2019

"I worked with Louise on a wonderful product invention while Director of Product Development at Alex Brands. Her thoughtfulness and great personality made her such a pleasure to work with. The concepts that she presented were always fresh and current and the team loved seeing the ideas she brought. She is a true "kid-focused" inventor and designer, really keeping in mind how kids think, play and develop. I hope to work with her again to bring more innovative, awesome products to market!"

Eric von Stein, Product Developer at Bright Stripes

"I had the honor of interviewing Louise White on Episode 39 and it has become one of our most downloaded episodes. And it's not hard to figure out why... Louise has been an award-winning Industrial Designer for over 20 years, just look at the experience section of her profile...it keeps going and going. Knowledgable, professional, well-respected, and gave a great interview to us full of valuable insight and tips."

Robert Bear, Host of the Invention Stories Podcast


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