While the vast majority of what we produce are original designs, Me First! Designs, Inc.,
has a successful track record of working with manufacturers with licensed product lines.
We have created everything from toys, accessories, bath items, and books.

We are used to working with licenses that have strict adherence to their respective
style guides and understand the process in regard to revisions.

We have also created style guides for clients which included characters, color palettes,
poses, and patterns in order to create a cohesive product line.

Some of the licenses include:

• Hello Kitty
• Disney: Winnie the Pooh,
Disney Princesses,
Nemo, Bambi
• Taggies
• Kimberly Grant
• Pottery Barn
• Brainy Baby
• Eddie Bauer
• Carter’s
• Cabbage Patch Kids
• Pamper’s
• Thomas the Tank
• Suzy Zoo
• Peanuts
• Little Me
and many more...
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